Mar 31, 2024

Hey there! Today I'm excited to share this DIY activity wall for kids! This project was an easy and cost-efficient DIY that I completed all by myself (well, with the "help" of Jayli) over the weekend. I procrastinated doing this DIY activity wall for so long because I didn't think it was going to be easy. Now that the DIY activity wall is complete, I feel relieved and it looks even better than I ever thought it would! I came up with this DIY idea as I was planning out what to do with her playroom during the re-decorating process. This room isn't very big and I'm all about maximizing the space that I do have--even if it means utilizing every square inch of space. This wall was screaming at me to do something with it, but I needed it to be functional because this playroom is so small. I thought about doing the entire playroom wall with chalk paint, but then I quickly decided against that because I needed somewhere to display all her artwork. I also needed somewhere to put all her magnets. She's got the alphabet and number magnets that are taking over the refrigerator. This DIY activity wall for kids could easily be customized to your needs and your lifestyle as well. Maybe instead of using the galvanized steel for a magnet board, you go with LEGO sheets for LEGOS. Some other DIY activity wall ideas you could implement are cork board, dry-erase, peg board, yarn wrapping board, velcro board, light board, sticker board, chore board, craft supply board, etc.. (I said board way too many times just then). The options are endless, just get creative and implement what will work best for your families needs! This was a fairly easy DIY project and I was able to finish it in about a days work. It cost less than $100 to complete.


Here is a picture of what the room looked like before.

I wanted to do the entire wall in a huge activity wall. So I measured the entire wall- length (from corner to corner) and height (from the base board to ceiling).

The measurement that I got for the length of the entire wall got divided by 3.

I marked out my lines with a pencil along the entire wall to separate them from one another.

 I called a couple sheet metal manufacturers. I told them what size I needed and picked up this roll of galvanized steel that was cut-to-size, the same day. This sheet was $40. I pre-drilled my holes and screwed the steel in the wall 

I used painters tape on the pencil mark lines I made on the wall and painted the middle section with latex paint. I ended up changing this paint color out a year later without any hassle.
Then I painted the chalkboard paint on the remaining section.
To finish off the look and frame it all out, I used molding from Lowes. I framed out the ceiling and the divided sections.
Then I just used s hooks and twine to hang up her artwork. I got the banner form Dollar Tree and it's all done! Now she can use her DIY activity wall to draw on the chalkboard, hang her artwork in the middle, and play with her magnet alphabets and numbers on the steel.

She loves her room wall! And I'm excited to get the rest of the room completed to show you guys! I will have PLENTY of DIY projects for you guys on this room.

I ended up painting over the teal for gray. To see the playroom reveal click here.


Chalkboard paint / 1x2's / Crown Moulding / Semi-Gloss Latex Paint in preferred color / Galvanized Steel / Art Display / Frog Tape / Miter Saw / Nails /


  • Measure and mark out your wall
  • Separate your wall with frog tape
  • Paint your left side section with chalkboard paint
  • Paint your middle section with latex paint
  • Hang up your pre-cut galvanized steel with nails
  • Cut and frame your sections with 1x2's
  • Frame out the top with crown moulding

(Watch the video for a better explanation if you are still confused. I slacked at getting pictures for this project because I did it all myself)

 To see her full playroom makeover (on a budget) click here.

 To see how I made this DIY wall Stencil in her playroom (it's really easy) click here.

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