Laci Jane is an intuitive, channeler, soul alignment guide passionate about empowering women to become financially independent, use their gifts, and transform their pain into purpose so they can live in alignment with their soul.

In 2014, she launched her DIY YouTube channel with the goal of transforming her 300 sq. ft. one-bedroom apartment into a comfortable home for her and her daughter. Since then, she has attracted over 8 million views and has been featured in HGTV, Bob Vila, Shutterfly, DIY Inspired, and many other publications.

She is the CEO of, a virtual interior eDesign service. She won Best of Houzz award in both 2016 and 2017, and became one of the first eDesigners to work in partnership with Houzz eDesign service. 

In 2020, Laci founded Tiny Homes for Moms Co, a non-profit organization that build homes, connection, and empowerment through community living.

Laci's mission is to empower women to become financially independent so that they never have to rely on a man, or a boss, who might try to control their lives. She's passionate about helping women turn their pain into purpose and live in alignment with their soul.

I don't believe in coincidences. I believe you're reading this for a reason. And, I bet we have more in common than you think... 


here's a bit of my story...

After suffering from abuse, poverty, homelessness, and disabling chronic illness, I was tired of waiting for my life to get better. I was tired of praying, hoping, wishing, and waiting around for my life to get better.

I knew I had to take control of my life because I did NOT want to keep living that way.

Somewhere deep inside of intuition kept telling me I deserved better.

What started as a mission to heal and create a new reality for myself, has helped several other women honor their calling, pursue their passions and purpose, and live a life they love, as well. 

Are you ready to break through your fear, confusion, and doubt that's holding you back so that you can finally...


create a life that you love


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