Hey, I'm Laci! I help women create more fulfilling and financially free lives through my courses and coaching programs. 

I’m speaking to the multi-passionate women who feel called to serve and intuitively know they're here on purpose, for a purpose.

If that's you, I'm so glad you're here. I don't believe in coincidences and I believe you're here, reading this, for a reason.

It's my souls mission to remind you that your voice matters, your story is important, and the world needs your unique magic that only you can bring to the world.

I'm here to empower you to follow your intuition and boldly follow your dreams.

To inspire you to love all the lessons and experiences that have shaped you into who you are, so that you can confidently speak your truth and share your heart with the world in the way you feel inspired to.

To support you in honoring your calling, to stop the hustle, and align with your soul.

It gets to be easy because you are who you came here to be.

And when you're living in alignment, life gets to be easy, abundant, and fulfilling. 


Powerful Affirmations for Confidence + Abundance

These positive affirmations are scientifically proven to help you reprogram your subconscious mind for confidence as you step into your purpose and attract more money, clients, and opportunities with ease.

Ready to lean into your intuition and trust your souls calling?

Are you ready to feel lit up and excited to get out of bed, work less while making more money doing what you love!? If you're feeling burnt out, frustrated, and unfulfilled, this is your soul communicating to you that you're not living in alignment. Your body holds all the answers, but sometimes it takes guidance to clearly hear it.

Here's some of the ways I can help:



Profit with Purpose (Group Coaching)


Profit with Purpose is my one and only transformational group coaching program (and community) for the multi-passionate women who knows they're here for a powerful purpose. This online group coaching program will help you discover your purpose and live in alignment with your soul while growing your business WITHOUT the hustle.  You'll learn how to create, build, and scale your online business in a way that feels good to YOU so you can have peace of mind, time + financial freedom, and true fulfillment. 



90 Day 1:1 Private Coaching


There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to life. After working with thousands of women, I’ve found the root cause of unfulfillment and feelings of lack of purpose that come up for so many. I’ll intuitively guide you towards your intuition so you can truly align with your soul's purpose and get to the next level of growth and transformation in your spiritual awakening or business expansion. You can have it all!



Intuitive Deep Dive Business Session

Your business is completely unique to you. Therefore, your business needs to be completely soul-aligned to you as well. Through this deep dive business session, we will discuss your current obstacles and frustrations as well as your goals, visions, and desires. I will intuitively guide you towards your intuition so that you will know what you need to do/change/receive from a truly soul aligned space.

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Intuitive Oracle Reading

With the use of oracle cards, I intuitively receive guidance in any area of life you want to focus on, including your soul’s purpose or current obstacles that are blocking you from living in alignment with your soul. This empowerment session will create more clarity in your life or biz.



Money Mindset Reset

Money Mindset Reset is designed and created to help you change your subconscious beliefs about money so that you can manifest more money into your life with ease.

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Heart Session


This is a space to be seen, heard, held, and activated into deeper levels of healing. These sessions are a weaving of energy healing, oracle cards, and intuitive guidance. It is 100% uniquely tailored to you through my devotion of deep listening and attunement.

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"I was sick of the hustle. I was burnt out and I had lost my passion for my current business. I knew I was meant for more but I didn't know how to make the next move. I needed clarity and guidance, but most of all I needed to believe in myself and my purpose. That is exactly what I got working with Laci. She is an amazing coach & her program WORKS! I launched my program shortly after working with her and I was able to make the money back that I invested in her program plus some. If you know you are meant for more, tired of hustling and want to live in your purpose while making money. Join her program. You won't regret it!"

Julie, student of Profit with Purpose Academy

For the past 7 years, I’ve been the face and magic behind LJDECOR, where I’ve intuitively coached millions of women to embrace their creativity through interior design and DIY'S!

Art and creativity has always lit a fire deep inside of my soul. So when I felt my soul guiding me to dig deeper, I knew my mission was so much bigger than me. I followed the fire burning deep inside of my soul and that led me to create my transformational group coaching program Profit with Purpose and a nonprofit Tiny Homes for Moms Co.

I’m on a mission to empower women to follow what lights them UP! Time and financial freedom is our birthright and when we follow our calling, life gets to be EASY because it is who we are! 

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Set your intentions and display your crystals on this moon shelf crystal display! It's made to order and features two shelves to hold your crystals, photos, or oils. 

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Audio Affirmations 

These positive affirmations are scientifically proven to help you reprogram your subconscious mind for confidence as you step into your purpose and attract more money, clients, and opportunities with ease.

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